A date can be exciting, sometimes a little stressful, especially when you're young and every date can seem like an adventure into the unknown. Whether you're about to meet someone for the first time or you already have a few dates under your belt 👀, it's essential to prepare yourself mentally and physically to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

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With tools like the First Date Heroes💗 kit, as well as some practical advice, you can approach your dates in a different way by remaining a little more confident and calm.

Tips for a successful first date: Mental preparation

Before you embark on a date, it is essential to prepare yourself mentally. Anxiety and doubts are common feelings, but it's important to manage them. Keep the following keywords in mind: self-confidence, positivity, authenticity and caution .

Self-confidence : Take the time to remember your qualities and what makes you unique. Self-confidence is attractive, so believe in yourself.

Positivity : Adopt a positive attitude. A date is above all an opportunity to meet someone special, but also having the opportunity to meet a special person like you so stay open to new experiences, but watch out for your little heart too.

Authenticity : Be yourself. It is essential not to play a role during a date but not to say too much so be careful, it is essential. Be cool and let your personality shine.

Caution : Especially if you don't feel comfortable going on this date or during the date, take a step back and go back for your safety which is the most important!

Tips for a successful first date: Physical preparation

Thank you Handy

Hand gel cleanser : Keep your hands clean, as this shows that you are attentive to hygiene, an essential aspect when meeting people.

Magic Breath Spray : Make sure you have fresh breath for a potentially unforgettable kiss.

Pocket mirror : Check your appearance to avoid embarrassing surprises, like food stuck in your teeth.

Mattifying papers : Avoid shine on the T zone with these mattifying papers.

Tips for a successful first date: Safety and consent

Safety is paramount when dating someone for the first time. Here are some important keywords to keep in mind:

Consent : Make sure you and your partner mutually understand and respect consent. The Survival Kit contains a guide developed by Tinder® and Consentis to help you understand this crucial concept.

Choice of location : Opt for a public location for your first meeting. This provides additional security.

Sharing Information : Let a friend or family member know your date and location for added peace of mind.

In summary, dating can be exciting and full of surprises. Thanks to the Merci Handy X Tinder collaboration, the First Date Heroes kit will allow you to prepare yourself physically and mentally while keeping your feet on the ground. By following these tips and using the mentioned keywords wisely, you will be ready to have a pretty cool experience 😎 in your future dates.

So good luck to you my little cat, take care of yourself and go for it!

Never forget it,
We love you ❣