If there was ever a time when acne stood out, it was during menstruation . Between fatigue and hormones, your skin is put to the test, especially if the pimples started to appear the week before.

Buttons and rules in a few figures:

Buttons : 

  • Acne affects 70% to 80% of adolescents and 25% of adults

  • Acne accounts for nearly 20% of dermatology consultations

  • In France, 6 million people are affected by acne.

     The rules :

    • A woman has her period 2250 days in her life…. That is more than 6 years

    • On average, a woman spends between €10,000 and €21,000 during her lifetime for periods.

      Where can we have acne?

      DID YOU KNOW ? 

      • Women are more affected than men

      Acne occurs mainly on areas rich in sebaceous glands such as the T zone (forehead, chin, nose). However acne can also appear on the torso, in the lower back at the level of the buttocks but also spread over the whole of the back.

      Tips to treat your acne:

      • Avoid touching/piercing your pimples

      • Avoid tobacco and pollution

      • Relax max!

      • Use appropriate cosmetics: Merci Handy button patches will be your best friends

      • Drink a lot of water

      • Eat healthy and balanced

        Tips for surviving on your period:

        The Collab Thank you Handy x Malucette 🍑


        Thank you Handy and Malucette, aka the two most extraordinary French brands, have teamed up to create a 100% badass kit for a chill and stress-free back to school 💪
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        Don't panic my cat, we have thought of everything!

        Just for you, we have developed a powerful duo that includes:

        • An exclusive Malucette X Merci Handy bra + menstrual thong set for maximum protection, style and comfort during your period ✨

        And yes girls, it is possible to wear high-cut and comfortable lingerie during your period. The Malucette menstrual thong is your essential to finally enjoy your period.

        🌈 Designed for medium flows and heavy flows.

        Put on your thong in the morning and take it off in the evening. No need to check every 3 minutes if your buffer has overflowed 🧐
        The 100% GOTS certified cotton lining is really the best of the best for your intimate health 💗

        It has been specially designed for optimal absorption (all the fabric removed is the one that covers the buttocks 😜 so useless! ).

        1️⃣ - GOTS-certified organic cotton (inside the tanga) to counter humidity
        2️⃣ - Absorbent and anti-odor bamboo fiber technical fabric, OEKO TEX certified
        3️⃣ - Thin leak-proof waterproof membrane
        4️⃣ - Polyamide (outside the thong) for maximum comfort and softness

        • The super Merci Handy button patches that purify, protect and pimp your buttons in all circumstances ✨

        Well, we're not going to lie to each other, we all have pimples 😜
        But at Merci Handy we want to take care of them with love and a lot of style. And for that we have a magic technique, that of the 3P✨:

        • Purify

        • Protect

        • pimp

        This little wonder visibly reduces the appearance of pimples with hydrocolloid technology known to absorb oil, calm inflammation and promote healing, and most importantly looks great.🤩

        All thanks to 2 wonderful magic ingredients ✨:

        • Tea tree essential oil is drying and purifying your pimples. It is this essential oil that will cure your pimple.

        • Salicylic acid helps fight the bacteria responsible for pimples. It will help prevent inflammation and redness.

        And it works miracles because from 6 hours , your pimples are healed, visibly smaller and deflated.
        And our patches will prevent you from popping your pimples (and for that, you have to tell us a big THANK YOU) 💕

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