Kittens, we wanted to keep you informed here of the progress of what we are putting in place to contribute, on our scale, to the fight against COVID-19 and give you all the information and the procedure to follow if you think that We can help you. We will update this article regularly to keep you informed as we go!

“You are heroes.” : Gels to help all heroes on the front line

We are very happy to announce that we have found a way to produce a large quantity of an antibacterial hydroalcoholic gel for those who need it most and who are on the front line in this crisis.

No fragrances, no colors, no glitter, just the WHO recommended formula to fight the spread of the virus.

We called it "You are heroes", quite simply, to pay tribute and say "thank you" to all these heroes: caregivers, nurses, postmen, delivery people, cashiers. (e)s, garbage collectors, law enforcement, handlers, transporters, farmers, drivers, craftsmen... and so many other people who continue to work so that the world gets out of the crisis we are going through. To all these heroes: thank you again, what you are doing is incredible.

Hand creams for caregivers

To add color to all this, we also offer thousands (25,000) of our hand creams to caregivers and to all those who in their profession have their hands dried out by the use of gel all daytime.

Which establishments have received your products to date?

In order to keep you informed of progress, for the sake of transparency and above all to salute all these heroes with whom we are in contact, here is a list of establishments / associations / etc. to whom we have provided hand gels and/or creams so far. We will regularly update this list to keep you informed in real time of our progress:

Network of EHPAD Orpéa

Association Protect your caregiver

Hospital Bligny - Briss sous Forge

Marseille North Hospital

EHPAD The gardens of Sido, Chatillon Coligny

St-Cloud Hospital CH 4 Cities

EHPAD Residence Korian Claude Bernard

CHITS in Toulon

EHPAD La Cerisaie, Nantes

La Louvière private hospital, Lille

Saint-Quentin Hospital

Saintes Hospital

Hospital Center Rives de Seine, Neuilly

Poplar Private Hospital, Paris

Begin Army Training Hospital, Saint Mandé

Narbonne hospital center

Hospital Center Alpes Léman

Bercy Clinic, Paris

The post office Establishment Istres Martigues


Cannes University Hospital

Ehpad “Les Orchidees” in Croix


Hautepierre Hospital 1 Strasbourg

Valenciennes Hospital Center

Amiens North University Hospital

Chauny Hospital

Bourg en Bresse regional sorting center

Intermunicipal center of Créteil


Mitterie Clinic, Lille

Hospital of St die des Vosges

Medipole Garonne Clinic, Toulouse

EHPAD - Home Medocain in Arsac

Sélestat hospital service

Hospital Hautepierre 2 Strasbourg

Beuvry Hospital

Rothschild Resuscitation Foundation, Paris

Sens Hospital

Hospital Center of Versailles

CCAS of Dives sur Mer in Calvados

Haguenau Hospital

Brive la Gaillarde Hospital

I think you could help us: what is the procedure to follow?

The logistical situation is complicated, it requires limiting travel related to deliveries. We therefore prefer wholesale shipments and shipments to professionals in the field (on the back of a unicorn, that does not change) rather than individual shipments: contact us if we can help you here: