At Merci Handy, we think that in the traditional “Black Friday” there is good… and less good . That's why this year we decided to imagine something more responsible and that resembles us, taking up the elements of Black Friday that make sense to us, and rethinking the rest: Thus were born the RAINBOW DAYS 🌈

As you know, at Merci Handy we always seek to improve ourselves so that our products are good for you and for the planet . We are committed to offering you clean, vegan formulas, without controversial ingredients and favoring natural ingredients when possible. We are constantly improving the eco-design aspects of our packaging, we try as much as possible to give them a second life and to rethink things so that our products and our activities have less impact on the environment.

But we are convinced that promotion and social commitment are not necessarily opposites . At Merci Handy we love Christmas and we think that, especially in the complicated context we are going through, the moments of sharing at the end of the year are essential in the bonds that unite us with our loved ones and those we love. And in the financially complicated period that many are going through, we think it is important to give a little boost to all our kittens who follow us .

1: We double all your orders*, to spoil you and your loved ones.

2: We offer a Christmas kit to a hospitalized child and/or teenager for each order, via the association https://cekedubonheur.fr

* Offer valid from Friday November 26 to Monday November 29, 2021 on a selection of products marked with a sticker indicating the offer, and depending on available stocks.