Were you expecting it? We did it ! A new self-service dispenser of cleansing hand gel (and rainbows) for public places, businesses, shops… (cat bars and unicorn equestrian centers also accepted.)

We explain everything to you in this article: the Rainbow Station will no longer hold any secrets for you!

The genesis

2 universes, 2 know-how, 2 entrepreneurial spirits:

We realized when we met The Keepers team that we had two big things in common, them and us: 1. we are two French start-ups and 2. we think that bringing happiness into people's lives is a very beautiful mission (actually there's a third one: we love wiggling our hips to hits from the 2000s but they want to keep it a secret. So it's between you, you, you and you and then you and us).

We therefore decided to pool our respective skills, the connected automaton (for them), the hand cleansing gel with rainbow extracts (for us!) in order to create the Rainbow Station. The idea? Transforming a new daily reflex (washing your hands) into a fun and playful experience, yes it is possible and we did it for you. 😉

Why did we choose them and why are we so happy to team up with our friends from The Keepers for this crazier than crazy project? Because improving the reception of visitors in public places is their No. 1 problem. The startup created in 2014 designs and installs terminals that increase visitor comfort, such as the motorcycle helmet locker, the telephone charging station or the coat locker. Anyone who has never known the situation of being without a battery when joining their BFF or having to keep their coat on when it is 86°C under their sweater dare to come forward now or shut up forever!

Finally, all that to say that more than 350 Keepers are currently in service in 6 European countries. Just that.

It was therefore the ideal partner to distribute liters and liters of cleansing hand gel with rainbow extracts throughout the galaxy.

Why and how

In recent months, washing your hands when arriving in a public place has become a reflex for everyone. With a 98% natural origin formula, a great fragrance with rainbow extracts and a formula enriched with Aloe Vera that leaves hands soft, all in a connected dispenser, it's even better. So we decided to take action, fire up our neurons and work as hard as we could to offer a real experience that goes beyond simple hand washing.

Rainbow Station

The “Rainbow Station” distributes a dose of good humor as soon as you enter the establishment, thanks to our colored and scented cleansing hand gel. As soon as the user puts their hands (or feet, but that requires a certain flexibility), a visual animation featuring the texture of the gel in 3D creates a playful interaction to make everyone addicted to hand washing! You'll be asking for more, it's so magical and hypnotizing!

Imagined in Paris and designed in Vendée (hello to our surfer kittens from the West Coast), the Rainbow Station will become international and will eventually be distributed throughout Europe and even throughout the galaxy. The device is connected in order to be able to follow the uses in real time and thus automatically send the gel necessary for the filling (and this without tricks or special effects). The Keepers then provides establishments with an all-inclusive service, from maintenance to reporting, including filling the gel (ours, the chosen one), without forgetting of course the provision of Rainbow Stations. We provide them with the cleansing hand gel and also a lot of love on a daily basis.

The Passage Shopping Center in Le Havre (Haussmann-Saint Lazare district in Paris) has just been equipped with the first prototype of the Rainbow Station. According to Perrine Gillet, the centre's marketing manager, “This terminal is the first point of contact for our visitors. We were therefore very seduced by the concept of giving them a smile as soon as they arrived, taking advantage of the strong reputation of the Merci Handy brand with the general public”. A second Rainbow Station will soon see the light of day in a still secret location. For a double dose of pleasure.

The objective is to set up several hundred Rainbow Stations by the end of the year in public places and thus participate in the recovery of the economy with a lot of optimism... because optimism is is the key to everything.

So, are you going to see for real? In the meantime, to find out more, everything is happening here: https://rainbow-station.com/